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This is how the Goverment manipulates the “Reality” of anything they do.

Así es como el gobierno manipula a la opinión publica utilizando los medios de comunicación. Presta atención y abre los ojos. No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. La verdad de lo ocurrido el Jueves 6 de Marzo.


Lucero de la mañana, préstame tu claridad para alumbrarle los pasos a mi amante que se va…
—Simón Díaz. (via rataroll)
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Yesteday was the National Doctor´s Day at Venezuela, and many of this amazing people decided to let aside parties and expensive dinners to celebrate: They Protested because of the shortage of medicines, materials and even supplements for chemotherapy. 

This is how the PNB (Bolivarian National Police) received them. 


Venezuela - March 11th

Civil ready to shoot ….maybe students (This place he points is LUZ (University of Zulia)), as you can see, there´s the police doing NOTHING to stop them or arresting them. 

Instructivo para detenidos y familiares o amigos de personas arrestadas por manifestar


1.- Si eres detenido  informa urgente sobre tu detención a un familiar o a un amigo. Si manifiestas pacíficamente;  preferiblemente hazlo en compañía de  un amigo o familiar. Esto último con el objeto de que, en caso de no poder comunicar directamente tu detención, tu familiar o amigo lo haga.

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Yesterday,  a 70 years old man was hitted by the police at Merida because he decided to dress up as “Harina Pan” (a kind of Flour we use here to make Arepas and it´s a scarce resource ) for Carnival as a pacific protest. A man who just wanted to show his support for the young people in funny way ….ended like this. Please, don´t let more abuse from this kind of Regimen.





from left to right;

I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand.

My friend’s parents sent her away.

I found death threats in my locker.

I submitted to electroshock therapy.

I lost half my friends after coming out.

My grandmother sends me hate mail.

My school won’t let me take my date to prom.

I am not here anymore.

My dad tried to beat it out of me.

No one is proud of me.

This showed up on my blog again. Forever reblog.

The “I am not here anymore.” 

Oh my. This hit hard.

i don’t even care that this isn’t black and white.
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